Orphanage Sponsorships

Hogar Miguel Magone & Hogar Maria Auxiliadora Food Sponsorships

Nutritious food is plentiful in Guatemala. It's local and readily available. But it costs money. We know you work hard to put food on your table for your family. Would you welcome one child, or a table of children, to join you?

The children at these orphanages receive 3 meals per day, every day, but our sponsorship program ensures that they receive fresh fruits and vegetables daily and meat several times per week. This greatly improves their nutritional intake, which leads to increased energy and focus.

$7 per month provides nutritious fruits and vegetables to a child at every meal
$11 per month provides 4 meals of meat to a child every week
$18 per month combines the two sponsorships and constitutes a full nutritional sponsorship for a child

Please select your level of sponsorship and click the Sponsor button below to give securely through PayPal. If you would like to sponsor a particular child and receive photos and updates about their well-being please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you'll be matched to a child.


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Hogar Miguel Magone & Hogar Maria Auxiliadora Psychologist Sponsorships

sad_girl95% of the children at Hogar Miguel Magone and Hogar Maria Auxiliadora have been severely physically abused. 75% have been sexually abused. These children have also endured verbal and/or emotional abuse. For these children, it is vital that they receive psychological care to help them find positive ways to deal with the lasting effects of such abuse.
As many of us know, psychological care in the US is expensive. The average cost of a single session with a psychologist here is between $50 - $240 per hour.  But at the orphanages, only $700 per month pays for a psychologist who provides regular care for 70 children, as well as helping the children with court appointments. Think about that: for the cost of 5 therapy sessions in the US, a psychologist in Guatemala can provide psychological care to 70 children each month!

We need your help to fund the salary of the psychologist who works at these orphanages. This is a vital service provided to these children. Can you spare even $25 per month to help fund her salary?

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Hogar Miguel Magone & Hogar Maria Auxiliadora Music Sponsorship

MusicsponsorshipstitlepicVirtually all of the children at Hogar Miguel Magone and Hogar Maria Auxiliadora have been victims of abuse. For these children, music is a rare outlet for cultivating self-expression and self-esteem, and performing as a group builds cooperation skills and self-discipline. The orphanages' music teacher, Marlon Soto, teaches guitar, piano, violin, marimba, and many different percussion instruments. Teaching these life skills and encouraging healing are integral parts of supporting these children as they grow into healthy, productive adults.



$8 will provide a child with music lessons once per week for a month, and just $15 will cover twice-weekly lessons. Can you support a child through music? Just select the amount and click the Sponsor button below to donate securely through PayPal. Thank you very much!

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